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The trail of our creative process. Click to begin your journey.

Our Creative Process

Collaboration should be fun and free of surprises. Here’s what you can expect when you get Sound Advice.


Tell us everything.

We want to learn about your project and where we fit in. We listen before we speak.


We imagine the possibilities

based on your needs and strategy. We know what works well in certain situations, but we’re not stamping out widgets here. We’re creating.


We put it in writing

so you can make choices about how to move forward.


We build it.

When we like it, we see if you like it. We keep going till everyone's happy. It usually doesn’t take long.


We work on a project basis

so you know what we’re going to charge. And we meet our deadlines. Always.


You call. We answer.

We are responsive. We take your calls. We answer your emails. We respect your time. We want you to feel cared for.